Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump SP-500

Syringe Pump SP-500 precisely delivers medications through a disposable syringe.

Applications of the Syringe Pump SP-500

  • Infusion of anti-cancer drugs, hormones, and anesthetics
  • Infusion of nutrition, vasodilators, and vasopressors in ICU, CCU and NICU.
  • Administration of milk and Enteral Nutrition to premature or newborn babies.

Features of the Syringe Pump SP-500

  • Over pressure sensor incorporated into the slider
  • Alarms to prevent unintended infusion of potent medication caused by negative venous pressure.
  • The high-grade stepping motor provides non-pulsatile flow even at very low rates.
  • Twin CPUs monitor function for fault-free safety.
  • Single-action syringe loading via unique gate-opening mechanism.

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